What is IT Asset Management

IT asset management is often called ITAM, and there are a number of important benefits to having a robust ITAM process in place. First off, it provides clear visibility into everything that you own, or that you’re managing on behalf of a customer environment. This list will include physical assets, such as all machines, laptops, printers, routers and servers, and also intangible assets that are your responsibility, including software licenses and subscriptions, contracts with third-party vendors, and purchase orders.

If you don’t have an IT asset management solution, you’re relying on manually recording all of the information about each of these parts of the business, and trusting that when ownership changes, when a problem occurs, or when an asset is either removed or added to the environment, the right stakeholder will update the spreadsheet or the file. That’s your best-case scenario. More likely, you’ll end up with gaps and blind spots.

How Does an Automated ITAM Solution Help My Business?

You can automate the way that you manage IT asset management with the help of our tools. These will scan your entire network and take note of all hardware and machines that are connected to the network. You’ll get a full list of everything in your environment, including details such as the make and the model of each device, what the device is doing in the network, and even details about how it is running, including the CPU, memory and storage. This kind of technology allows you to get seriously proactive about your environment, for example reaching out to an end-user when their machine is running slow and suggesting a fix, or even remotely accessing the machine and doing it for them, rather than waiting for them to pick up the phone and complain.