Looking for help with Coronavirus?

As Coronavirus (Covid-19) pushes global businesses to reconsider policies and enact procedures to keep employees safe, we’re here to help. ZILOWEB has long favored innovative products that power remote work for people all around the globe. You can count on reliable productivity and communication, even when working conditions are unpredictable or unexpected.

To help support our community and customers during the outbreak of Coronavirus, ZILOWEB will be providing free Emergency Remote Support for Health Care Providers, Educational Institutions, Municipalities & Non-Profit organizations. This includes assistance in setting up webinars and remote desktop support with the use of a series of remote support software.

Since our beginning, ZILOWEB has created tools that allow people to work from anywhere. And we believe in the next few years, environmental, social and economic factors, along with advancements in technologies such as 5G, will likely drive more and more companies to embrace “the virtual workplace.”

Regrettably, the spread of Coronavirus (COVID–19) continues to cause individuals and companies around the world to question how best to conduct their business during this outbreak. These factors have also put inevitable strain on critical service providers like local and regional municipalities, hospitals, educational institutions and non-profit organizations as they ready themselves to deal with further outbreaks and disruptions.

This, in turn, is accelerating the pace at which many organizations are being pushed to embrace remote work, despite the fact that many of these organizations are not yet equipped to get the most productivity out of their remote workforce.